Steve T.

I’ve taken my dogs to this clinic for years. I’ve always been treated very fairly, and the wait times are reasonable. They do offer a bunch of services that cost, that is true. They tell you UP FRONT before they perform the services. They have never been pushy, they just tell you about the extra tests they offer, advise you of the price, and let you, the customer make the call. There have been times where I’ve ordered the extra tests, and there have been times where I’ve simply wanted only the required shots. They treated me the same both times. I’ve never had a reason to doubt their competence, as they are human, and sometimes don’t get it right the first time. I figure that’s why they call a “practice”. The wait times sometimes get long, but I look at it this way, if my dog needs an extra ten minutes of exam time, I expect the extra 10 minutes, therefore if the person in front of me needs the extra time, I expect them to get it as well.My dog is now 14 years old, he made it this far with them, and they have definitely contributed to his long life.