Hillary P.

I have just switched to this clinic and I was in love from the minute I walked in to make the appointment even. It’s a wonderful environment with a fantastic staff and great vets! My dog was in heaven here and so relaxed. They talked to him and made him feel very comfortable and he didn’t even seem to notice his vaccines because of that. He was happy which made me happy too. I know that vets are expensive and I don’t expect less here. I will say that Banfield is a rip off but I don’t feel that this clinic is. They talked to me about all my heart worm options, explained pros and cons of each and I decided what I thought was best for my dog. He is one of my children and I go with what has proven to be best, whatever the cost. they were not pushy in any way. They explained any and all options and were happy with whatever I chose and left it at that. I was so impressed and will definitely be making this my permanent vet.