Amy D.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR….and that is EXCELLENCE!! Adopting a puppy from the Humane Society only to find out he is infected with Parvo…then a respiratory infection…then possible Distemper is an expensive and frustrating process but the staff and doctors here are fabulous. My doctor always called and kept me updated and answered all of my questions. Yesterday I called on her day off and was given a return call in 10 minutes. That is the dedication you will receive from this establishment. I did use the Family Pet Hospital for day boarding when my pup was in between hospitalization and home care and had to take him home midday because I was unhappy with what I expected his care to be but I wasn’t charged for that day and both the owner and my doctor called to hear my concerns. I really feel these professionals care about your pets and care about your expectations. I have spent A LOT of money but on the other side, it’s clear if I didn’t follow the necessary care plan, he would not be here now. Plus, there’s been a couple of times where I wasn’t charged for examinations during this process. The hard work and attention these folks have provided has saved my dog’s life! :)